- György Vashegyi and György Fekete / MTI photo: Zoltán Balogh

„We are proud to have had such a president."


It is seldom given in the life of a cultural politician that the creation of two dominant cultural institutions have been tied to his name. György Fekete was given this: he was one of the founders, then the first president of the National Cultural Fund, then almost two decades later he was instrumental when the Hungarian Academy of Arts became a public body, and he was its president for two terms. We asked György Vashegyi, who followed him in this post in 2017.
2020. május 5.

Theatrical director László Marton passed away

László Marton, Kossuth State Award-winner director, former manager and lead theatrical director of the Vígszínház Theatre in Budapest as well as a corresponding member of HAA died on 12 September aged 76 following a long illness. HAA is regarding his passing away as losing one of its own.

2019. október 1.

Cinematographer János Tóth passed away

An Artist of the Nation and a regular member of HAA, János Tóth passed away on 29 August aged 88. HAA is regarding his death as losing one of its own.

2019. október 1.

Renewed versions of Jankovics's masterpieces

Between 4 and 11 September 2019 the Hungarian National Film Fund organized the 3rd Budapest Classics Film Marathon, during which audiences could watch about a hundred restored classic movies in cinemas in Budapest and at the same time the event offered free open-air screenings in front of St. Stephen's Basilica, where in the presence of star guests and artists viewers could watch on the giant, 21 meter wide screen, among other  recently restored Hungarian and foreign film classics, the fully restored version of Marcell Jankovics's 1981 masterpiece, Son of the White Mare (Fehérlófia).

2019. szeptember 25.

Sándor Sára passed away

World-renowned Hungarian cinematographer and director, one of the Artists of the Nation and regular member of HAA, Sándor Sára passed away on 22 September aged 85. He was an iconic figure of Hungarian culture. HAA is regarding his passing away as losing one of its own.

2019. szeptember 25.
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