New Artists of the Nation in 2020

The assignment of the Artist of the Nation Awards is decided upon by the Artist of the
Nation Award Committee consisting of eleven artists with the Kossuth State Awards. The award is given to provide appropriate living conditions for personalities with high artistic accomplishment and reputation.
2020. november 11.

Exhibition of Gábor Véssey

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Gábor Véssey has been organized by the Fine Arts Section of HAA, is open from 2 October 2018 and can be seen until 18 November at Vigadó on the 6th floor. Gábor Véssey is a regular member of HAA and the display is intended to celebrate the 70th birthday of the artist, who was born on 9 September 1948 in Budapest. The exhibition is a selection of the painter's works from the past thirty years.

2018. október 8.

The Third Eva Marton International Singing Competition ended with Galeano Salas' overall win

From among the sixty-one competitors - selected from contestants from all over the world from four continents and 145 countries ranging from Peru to Japan, from South Africa to Finland - having participated in the vocal contest at the Liszt Academy the Mexican-American tenor, Galeano Salas collected the Grand Prix of the 3rd International Éva Marton Singing Competition on 16 September, Sunday at the gala of the competition held also at the Liszt Academy.

2018. szeptember 28.

Actor Imre Sinkovits would be 90 years old

On 21 September 2018, which is the Day of Hungarian Drama, late outstanding Hungarian actor, Imre Sinkovits, a posthumous honorary member of HAA could have been 90 years old and on this occasion HAA organized a memorial event at Vigadó, centre of HAA with the participation of the son of the actor, András Sinkovits-Vitay and together with the screening of a portrait film on the actor ordered by HAA and directed by Gabriella Medgyesi.

2018. szeptember 25.

Opera album of the President of HAA awarded by German critics

HHA's President, György Vashegyi continued his "love affair" with French Baroque music with the recording of the performance of Jean-Philippe Rameau's 1749 opera entitled Naïs with the Orfeo Orchestra and the Purcell Choir in March 2017 at Müpa, Budapest. The album has gained the award of German music critics recently. Subtitled "Opéra pour la paix" (its prologue, at least, commemorates the 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle), Naïs features demanding and extended leading roles for soprano Chantal Santon-Jeffery (Naïs) and high tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen (Neptune), assisted by Florian Sempey and Thomas Dolié, in an everyday eighteenth-century tale of a lovesick god in disguise, a misinterpreted prophecy and an alternative version of the Olympic Games.

2018. szeptember 19.
Első Utolsó