New Artists of the Nation in 2020

The assignment of the Artist of the Nation Awards is decided upon by the Artist of the
Nation Award Committee consisting of eleven artists with the Kossuth State Awards. The award is given to provide appropriate living conditions for personalities with high artistic accomplishment and reputation.
2020. november 11.

Tragedy of Trianon

Special exhibition of Marcell Jankovics.
In Székesfehérvár, at the King Saint Stephen Museum a unique exhibition with almost two hundred works by Marcell Jankovics depicting events from Hungarian history from the Battle of Mohács until the tragical Treaty of Trianon. The exhibition was opened on 5 December and can be seen until 3 March 2019.

2018. december 11.

Birthday celebration of István Szilágyi

One of the most important living Hungarian writers, István Szilágyi, an Artist of the Nation and a regular member of HAA was greeted on the occasion of his 80th birthday at the Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM) in Budapest on 15 October. The celebration was arranged by HAA, the Hungarian Writers' Union, PIM as well as Magvető Publishing House.

2018. december 6.

Second conference on Zoltán Kodály

A second conference on Zoltán Kodály was held by the Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of HAA at Vigadó on 24 September 2018. The first one was held on 14 November last year, which was the official Kodály Memorial Year in Hungary. At the second conference experts having practical experience utilising the Kodály Method at home and abroad gave lectures. In his welcoming speech director of the Research Institute, Miklós Kocsis stressed that this second conference was not planned as the last, because the scientific discussions on the heritage of Zoltán Kodály needed to be continued in the near future.

2018. november 30.

International success of Satan's Bastard

A new Hungarian film entitled Satan's Bastard have had great sussess at several film festivals around the world. It received two awards (Best Actress: Victoria Tarpai, Best Cinematographer: Gábor Halász) at the 18. Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles, which was also attended by Secretary-General of HAA, Tamás Gergely Kucsera, who served as one of the patrons of the festival and he was one of the members of the Hungarian delegation too which also attended the commemorative celebration of the Revolution of 1956 in San Francisco. 

2018. november 30.
Első Utolsó