The new board is to take office on 5 November

On 7 September 2020 HAA held its general assembly at its headquarters in Vigadó, where the public body awards were handed over and the composition of the new presidency, which will take effect on 5 November, was decided by academicians and members of the general assembly. György Vashegyi remained the President of HAA and Marcell Jankovics was elected Honorary President.
A vice-president and a member of the board were elected at the reconvened general assembly of HAA on 7 October in Vigadó, the centre of HAA. Ballet artist János Kiss was elected as vice-president, poet and historian István Kovács was elected as a new member of the board. Gábor Lajta, a painter, graphic artist and art writer, became a member of the Supervisory Board.
2020. szeptember 14.

Sir Roger Scruton's Beauty in Hungarian

The book entitled Beauty written by Sir Roger Scruton, the conservative philosopher and writer has been published by the of HAA's Research Institute for Art Theory and Methodology. At the book launch at the office building of HAA on 20 November a welcome speech was made by Tamás Gergely Kucsera, the Secretary-General of HAA and the book was presented by the editors of the book, Miklós Kocsis, the director of HHA's Research Institute for Art Theory and Methodology, Márton Falusi, a researcher of the Institute as well as Ferenc Horkay Hörcher, an aesthete and historian of ideas. The book has been translated by István Orosz.

2019. december 17.

General assembly of HAA

The second regular general assembly of HAA was held on 3 December at the Vigadó, the centre of HAA this year. The public body chose 16 regular members (formerly they were all corresponding members) and 17 corresponding members. Last time the public body chose new members in 2017.

2019. december 17.

Two more Artists of the Nation

Two outstanding writers, the 83-year-old Ádám Bodor and the 77-year-old Gábor Czakó – the latter is a regular member of HAA – became Artists of the Nation and the awards were handed over by the President of HAA, György Vashegyi and the Minister of Human Capacities, Miklós Kásler at Vigadó, the centre of HAA on 5 November 2019.

2019. november 21.

Standing ovation for Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

At the international festival called One Dance Week in Plovdiv the performance of Carmina Burana by Szeged Contemporary Dance Company led by Tamás Juronics, an internationally acclaimed artist, choreographer and corresponding member of HAA was received with standing ovation on 29 September. The performance was also a great success in Bulgaria in 2016 on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1956 revolution.

2019. november 21.
Első Utolsó