- György Vashegyi and György Fekete / MTI photo: Zoltán Balogh

„We are proud to have had such a president."


It is seldom given in the life of a cultural politician that the creation of two dominant cultural institutions have been tied to his name. György Fekete was given this: he was one of the founders, then the first president of the National Cultural Fund, then almost two decades later he was instrumental when the Hungarian Academy of Arts became a public body, and he was its president for two terms. We asked György Vashegyi, who followed him in this post in 2017.
2020. május 5.

Painter Péter Kovács passed away

Painter and graphic artist Péter Kovács died on 20 July 2019, who was a regular member of HAA. His fine art is considered to be part of the expressionist trend of the new Hungarian realist art and is one of the most important life works of the history of modern Hungarian fine art. HAA regards the passing away of Péter Kovács as losing one of its own.

2019. szeptember 25.

New winners of the Arts Scholarship Program 2019-2022

Decisions have made concerning the scholarship application of the Hungarian Academy of Arts started in 2018 and announced again this year in April. From 1 September 2019 an additional 100 new scholarships are to be bestowed on young and middle-aged artists from the increased budget of HAA.

2019. szeptember 25.

Award winners at Vigadó Gallery

A chamber exhibition, which was opened on 22 August 2019 at Vigadó Gallery and can be seen for one month, is presenting the works of Hungarian artists who were granted scholarships in the years 2017-2018 by the Section of Fine Arts of HAAs'. The five artists are the following: fine artists Zoltán Szultán Bogdándy and István Drabik, Young Artists' Scholarship winner Gergő Ámmer and Erik Mátrai as well as the recipient of the 2017 award of the Section of Fine Arts of HAA, painter Sándor Molnár, whose works have been influenced by Eastern philosophies. The curator of the display is art historian Miklós Sulyok, a corresponding member of HAA.

2019. szeptember 25.

Antique children's kimono exhibition

From 9 September a special exhibition can be seen in the Hungarian Heritage House (HHH) in Budapest. The display, which is a travelling one with several stations in European cities, is featuring Japanese antique children's kimonos from the large collection of Nakano Kazuko together with the Japan Foundation's coloured children's toys. 

2019. szeptember 4.
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