Never realised buildings in Budapest

On the occasion of Budapest's 150th birthday a large-scale exhibition at Vigadó, the centre of HAA with the title "Never Realised Buildings in Budapest" is offering an intriguing perspective of what the Hungarian capital might have looked like in the period of the past 150 years if history took another course with the help of over 170 thought-provoking plans, maquettes, photos and videos.
2023. november 27.


A unique exhibition of the non-academic fine artist members HAA opened at Vigadó, the centre of HAA entitled Message. The display with the works of eighty artists can be seen until 28 August. The display has been organized by the Fine Arts Section of HAA. The curators are art historian Róbert Nátyi and General Assembly representative Győző Sárkány.

2022. július 7.

Support of HAA in Ukraine

HAA has organized an aiding campaign for Hungarian artists and people working in the field of art in Ukraine and Transcarpathia with the participation of the Hungarians for Hungarians Foundation.

2022. június 22.

Péter Prutkay passed away

Munkácsy Mihály Award winning fine artist Péter Prutkay passed away on 6 June at the age of 75 after a lingering illness. He was a regular member of HHA, which regards his passing as losing one of its own. 

2022. június 22.

A statue of Károly Kós unveiled in Kolozsvár

The new statue is the work of the Kossuth and Munkácsy Award winner sculptor Ádám Farkas, who is an Artist of the Nation as well as a board member of HAA. It depicts the Transylvanian polyhistor and the father of Transylvanism in a sitting position in an armchair carved by himself, holding in one hand some scrolls with the layout of the church, with the other hand showing up to the tower in the courtyard of the Church with the Rooster in Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca). This is the first full-size statue of Károly Kós in Transylvania.

2022. június 22.
Első Utolsó