Vigadó and Kunsthalle reopened

After a period of three months of involuntary closure and with special regard to health safety precautions Vigadó, the centre of HAA has been reopened from 24 June 2020. In the past period the building itself and its exhibitions could only be visited in the form of online virtual walks. But from the day of the reopening the building and its exhibitions are again accessible to the general public.
The Trianon exhibiton of Marcell Jankovics can be attended until 26 July 2020. A folk art and applied art exhibition entitled Anthems and Hymns, in which academic and non-academic members of the Section of Folk Arts of HAA are presenting an works inspired by Hungary's national Anthem and the Appeal by Mihály Vörösmarty as well as by church hymns and devotional folk songs.
Kunsthalle, one of the most prestigious galleries of contemporary visual arts in Hungary and the institution of HAA, was also reopened on 24 June 2020. Here among other displays visitiors can see the 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts, which is presenting the newest works of about 200 artists – paintings, sculptures, videos and installations – all created within the last five years. The aim of the exhibition – which can be viewed until 27 September 2020 – has been to show what kind of art is being made in Hungary today. 

Trianon exhibition
This exhibition by Marcell Jankovics depicts that ancient sacral kingdom which is tolerant and welcoming by nature and is home to all peoples living in this region.
This showcasing talks about the people that first propagated religious freedom. It talks about the nation that greets and teaches all of its minorities in their own mother tongues. It talks about and depicts the country that has been defended by this multilingual nation during a long millennium in protection of the Christian belief and erudition. And it also talks about an entity located between heaven and earth whose teachings were delivered by angels in order to make such teachings come true, to the liking of both God and man, through the will of the Holy Crown of Hungary. (Curator of the exhibition: Norbert Tóth)

2nd National Salon
The Artonomy | 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts exhibition showcases the newest works of some 200 artists – paintings, sculptures, videos and installations – all created within the last five years, in the halls of Kunsthalle Budapest.
The selection faithfully reflects today's complex departures from the dominant styles, the rich tapestry of diverse artistic attitudes, conceptions and modes of expression existing side-by-side with one another. This event creates an exciting opportunity for professionals and the public alike to discover the common tendencies and the differences that emerge from the diversity of the works on display.
Everyone will find something that makes a lasting impression among the works in this broad palette of styles and genres ranging from monumental, robust sculptures to delicate and airy graphic artworks, from streamlined geometric abstraction to works infused with humour and baroquely intense figurative compositions.
2020. július 7.