Trianon exhibition of Marcell Jankovics

The exhibition is opened to the public and can be seen until 26 July.

The exhibition, which debuted in Székesfehérvár last year, is showing one of the most enduring and most mentioned historical tragedies in Hungarian history with a completely new approach of a caricatural and mocking manner. The graphic works take up the thread from the lost Battle of Mohács with the Turks in 1526 and depict all the major events that led to the Trianon Treaty.
HAA held a presidency meeting on 5 June 2020 at Vigadó, the centre of HAA in connection with the National Cohesion Day of 4 June. One of the main events of the day was the viewing of the exhibition of graphic artist, film director, animator, author, Artist of the Nation and Vice-President of HAA, Marcell Jankovics entitled Trianon, which opened online the day before. László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament as well as György Vashegyi, President of HAA and Norbert Tóth, curator of the exhibition delivered speeches.
According to Norbert Tóth „Jankovics Marcell's exhibition talks about that ancient and sacred kingdom that is an accepting area by nature and the home of all the people living there. About the nation that first sounded the freedom of religion. It talks about the nation that greets and teaches its brother nations in their native language. It talks about a common homeland, a multilingual nation for which blood was shed for thousands of years to protect Christianity and culture. About a place of unity between sky and earth where ancient principles were brought by angels to enforce them according to the wish of the Holy Crown in a way that God and people like… The exhibition symbolizes this covenant: horizontally the flow of history and vertically the holy alliance between sky and earth and between Nature and God. It visualizes a many thousand years old tree with sixty-four strong branches, under which we live. Sometimes deceived, sometimes holding together against each other or against the world's order, but never making a mistake when deciding between life and destruction."
2020. június 26.