Sándor Sára passed away

World-renowned Hungarian cinematographer and director, one of the Artists of the Nation and regular member of HAA, Sándor Sára passed away on 22 September aged 85. He was an iconic figure of Hungarian culture. HAA is regarding his passing away as losing one of its own.
Sándor Sára with his imposing oeuvre of films and documentaries is regarded as the living conscience of Hungarian history and culture. He has worked behind the camera with many of the great names in Hungarian cinematography, such as István Szabó, István Gaál and Ferenc Kósa, and took the visual appeal of their films to new aesthetic heights. When he started work in the 1960s, he demanded far more creative freedom as director of photography than was usual at the time and proved his visual genius in a range of styles and visual textures, but perhaps most memorably in lyrical evocations of Hungarian landscape, especially in long shot. He also emerged as a director in his own right and made highly political films that were critical of the Communist regime. He also made documentaries which confronts the viewer with stark reality. Between 1962 and 2004 he directed 16 films. Besides his artistic activity he was for seven years president of the UNESCO award-winner Duna Television.
2019. szeptember 25.