Presidents Borut Pahor and János Áder visited the exhibition "Slovenian Connection" in the Kunsthalle

On 3 September, the patrons of the four exhibitions that together bear the name of "Slovenian Connection" - Slovenian President Borut Pahor and Hungarian President János Áder -  paid a joint visit in the Kunsthalle.
Ksenija Škrilec Slovenia's ambassador to Hungary and György Szegő the art-director of Kunsthalle welcomed the participants. The guests – among them György Fekete, President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) and dr. Tamás Kucsera, Secretary General of the MMA –participated in a guided tour led by Marianna Mayer the curator of one of the four exhibitions "Masters and their Masters: Tradition and Continuity in Slovenian Painting". This exposition is part of the art-exchange programme "Neighbour to Neighbour" that started in Ljubljana with the exhibition of the artists of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, with a visitors' record of nearly 40.000, among them Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev.
2015. szeptember 4.