New Artists of the Nation

In 2021 six artists won the Artist of the Nation Award, the most prestigious art recognition in Hungary, which the outstanding personalities received in the centre of HAA, the Vigadó, together with last year's winners. The Artist of the Nation Award Committee has given the award to painter János Aknay, film director Ferenc András, graphic artist and painter Dóra Maurer, actor Gábor Reviczky, conductor and composer Ferenc Sapszon as well as singer Mária Zádori. Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources emphasized at the awards ceremony: Hungarian cul ture is nourished from several roots and that gives it its diversity. 
"You are the representatives of this culture, who have become idols and role models with their value-creating activities," he praised the winners. György Vashegyi, President of HAA reminded us that on the 10th anniversary of the birth of HAA we can greet happy people, who at the cost of active work have at many times gained uplifting moments through their art, intuition, and diligence, and from these moments, we as recipients have also benefited. The Artist of the Nation Awards were handed over on 5 November 2021 by György Vashegyi, President of HAA and Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources at the centre of HAA, the Vigadó. Last year the awards ceremony was postponed in view of the epidemiological situation. So last year's winners - architect Ervin Nagy, film director István Dárday, cinematographer István Hildebrand, textile artist, ceramicist, restorer Zsuzsa Péreli,  writer, screenwriter, director Géza Bereményi, writer Károly Szakonyi, sculptor Ádám Farkas, painter Péter Földi, painter Miklós Kovács, pianist Dezső Ránki - could also receive the award in a solemn form.
On the initiative of HAA the Hungarian Parliament established the Artist of the Nation Award in 2013. The award is bestowed to provide appropriate living conditions for personalities with high artistic accomplishment and reputation. The assignment of the Artist of the Nation Award is decided upon by the Artist of the Nation Committee consisting of eleven artists with Kossuth State Awards. Two members of the Committee are requested by the minister for culture, while eight of them are called upon by the chair of the Committee for the maximum of three years. The awarded persons are given an official document on the assignment, entitled to bear the title and receive an annuity from the month following the awarding ceremony. The monthly sum of the annuity is twenty-three times the minimal sum of the old age pension. Kossuth State Award and being at least 65 years old are basic requirements. The title can only be borne by seventy persons at the same time.
2021. november 12.