Photo: Laszlo Lugosi Lugo

Great Hungarian poet, József Tornai passed away

József Tornai, Artist of the Nation, regular member of HAA and one of the greatest Hungarian poets of the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st passed away on 31 January 2020 aged 92. HAA regards his passing as losing one of its own.
József Tornai has been considered by many as the last of the great elders in modern Hungarian poetry with his huge and diverse oeuvre of poetry, prose, essays and poem translations. He had more than 50 books published during his long and rich life mostly of poetry. A special plus was that he was able to be creative almost until his demise, which meant that after his four thick life-work volumes of poetry he could write seven new books of poetry each year.
József Tornai was able to renew Hungarian poetry after the great Hungarian and foreign predecessors making a unique synthesis of the ancient and modern tradition of poetry, of national and global values as well as of literature, philosophy and spirituality. His whole poetry is characterized by the deepest human experiences and ideas as well as by a special sensitivity to transcendence.
This interview was made with him in 2015, when he received the Grand Award of HAA.
2020. február 10.