Architect György Radványi passed away

György Radványi, the Miklós Ybl Award winning architect and a corresponding member of HAA died on 26 June in the 71st year of his life. "His open, receptive personality was coupled with a solid set of values, and his human and creative credibility is unquestionable. His personality was also more decisive in architectural training than his creative work. As a teacher, he selflessly used his professional experience, community organizing ability and extensive system of international relations for the benefit of the community of young architects at all times" – his colleague, architect Balázs Mihály said in his farewell speech.
György Radványi was born on 4 August 1949 in Ózd, graduated in architecture in 1973, was a leading designer since 1986, and passed the chief architect's exam in 2011. He also worked as an honorary professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and as the chief architect of Sátoraljaújhely and Füzér. His creative oeuvre is completed in the buildings designed by him in Sátoraljaújhely and Széphalom, of which the Museum of the Hungarian Language built in the garden of the Kazinczy memorial site stands out. HAA regards the passing of György Radványi as losing one of its own. György Radványi was a wide-ranging designer, architect and teacher dedicated to culture as a whole and local values.
2020. július 7.