Cultural relationship with the American Hungarian diaspora

Delegation of the Hungarian Academy of Arts with the leadership of Gergely Tamás Kucsera, Secretary-General of MMA travelled to Los Angeles on 11 November 2017 for the 17th Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival, meeting festival director Béla Bunyik's invitation. Actor Gábor Reviczky received the lifetime achievement award, who is a regular member of MMA. The visit was an opportunity to present MMA among the Hungarian diaspora. Tamás Kollarik and other representatives of the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) also travelled to the festival.
The visit was facilitated and accompanied by Tamás Széles, the Hungarian Consul General in Los Angeles. The delegation first visited the San Diego community of Hungarians where, after mutual introduction, a wreath was placed at the memorial plaque of Sándor Márai.
Adrienn Dobell, leader of the community, said that the solemn opening of their independent house in Balboa Park on 5 May 5 1996 coincided with Hungary's 1100 years of existence, and its museum showed the diversity of Hungarian culture with dignity. It also functions as a school, a library, a community house, and publishes a bimonthly newsletter.
In Los Angeles, the delegation made a visit at the United Hungarian House at the invitation of Miklós Pereházy, the president of the house. This is the central meeting place of the Hungarians in the city. Here they remember the Hungarian national holidays, and there are weekly programs. The House is home to the Carpathian Folk Dance Ensemble and other cultural organizations.
During the visit Szabolcs Fazakas, the representative of the Székelyföld Legendarium, was also introduced. The cartoon project, launched as a civil initiative, has been operating since 2012 and is also the first 3D animation film production facility in Székelyudvarhely. They came to extend their relationships at the Animation Fair held in Los Angeles, which the MMA delegation also attended.
At both place, the scholarship holders of the Sándor Körösi Csoma Program also help the work of Hungarian organizations.
As a first step in the collaboration, the Los Angeles and San Diego Hungarian Houses received Hungarian-English DVDs and publications, which were welcomed by the Hungarian Schools and Scouting Teams. Both visits provided a great opportunity for planning future exhibitions and other cultural evets through the activities of Hungarians living there and their relationships.
The 17th Hungarian Film Festival, which began with the screening of the movie Kincsem at the beginning of November, featured television, animation and short films supported by the Hungarian Media Patronage at three different venues. The festival ended with the screening of Éva Gárdos's film Budapest Noir, and before that in Laemmle's Film Theater in Santa Monica Ildikó Enyedi's film entitled "The Body and the Soul" was screened. All three productions were screened with full houses and the producers and filmmakers of the films also participated at the events, and also held a press conference. Representatives of MMA discussed with the director of the festival, Bela Bunyik the implementation of a retrospective film screening that could be realized next year in which the MMA can also be a cooperative partner as well as the Media Council of NMHH.
Awards of the 17th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles :
Life Achievement Award - Reviczky Gábor (Pappa Pia)
Career Achievement Award - Herend Gábor (Kincsem)
Best Actress - Ágnes Máhr (Citizen)
Best Actress - Marcello Cake-Baly (Citizen)
Best Director of Photography - Elemér Ragályi (Budapest Noir)
Best Director - Ronald Vranik (Citizen)
Best Film - The Citizen (Károly Fehér)
Best Documentary - God of Man (Tamás Széles)
Alex Friedman Humanitarian Award - Soul Exodus (Csaba Bereczky)