Images of Light II. | 2nd National Salon of Photography 2021

2021. April 24. – September 26. | Kunsthalle, Budapest
The annual national salon, devoted to a different branch of art each year, is the celebration of an entire profession at the Műcsarnok. When organising the 2nd National Salon of Photography, it was our express aim, in the spirit of solidarity, to reach out to and call upon every artist who made significant works in any area of photographic art in the last five years to participate in the exhibition. 
2021. május 11.

Inner Silence | Ritta Hager 90

Ritta Hager's oeuvre, this now seven decades of textile art work, has been built from the beginning in the spirit of sacredness, Christian spirituality. HAA is greeting its famous member, the Artist of the Nation on the occasion of his 90th birthday with a retrospective exhibition entitled Inner Silence set up at Vigadó Gallery. The exhibition is to be open until 20 June, depending on epidemiological measures.

2021. május 12.

Hungarian Cinematographers Awards

The László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematography Awards were handed over for the 4th time at Vigadó, the centre of HAA on 17 April 2021. Because of the coronavirus epidemic the audience was able to watch the event live on Facebook. Named after two outstanding artists of Hungarian cinematography – a posthumous honorary and a late member of HAA – the competition took the place of the Golden Eye Festival founded in 2004 by Emil Novák, the director of the HSC Staff School in 2018. 

2021. április 23.

Photo Icons at Műcsarnok

The Budapest Photo Festival and Műcsarnok, the institute of HAA is presenting a special selection from the collection of the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.
The opening exhibition of Budapest Photo Festival's 5th edition is featuring a detailed picture of the 20th century history of photography with almost 70 photographs by 41 photographers. Anne Morin, the curator of the exhibition, director of diChroma Photography, was led to the New York gallery by her interest in photographic history archives. In her personal selection from the archives of the world-famous gallery, the Hungarian audience can see excellent images of the most significant artists of 20th century photography. 

2021. április 23.

Moholymotion in Annecy

MOME celebrates the 125th anniversary of the birth of its eponym with a unique audiovisual campaign under the title "Light of future". László Moholy-Nagy, the major intellectual and technical innovator and world-famous Hungarian artist was born on July 20 125 years ago. His oeuvre is well-known in a lot of countries of the world, his works are sold for record prices at auctions, and the exhibitions compiled of his artworks has attracted large audiences in the greatest museums of London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

2021. április 23.