Vigadó and Kunsthalle reopened

After a period of three months of involuntary closure and with special regard to health safety precautions Vigadó, the centre of HAA has been reopened from 24 June 2020. In the past period the building itself and its exhibitions could only be visited in the form of online virtual walks. But from the day of the reopening the building and its exhibitions are again accessible to the general public.
2020. július 7.

Moholy-Nagy 125 - Light of future

László Moholy-Nagy, the outstanding intellectual and technical innovator and world-famous Hungarian artist was born 125 years ago, on 20 July 1895. His life-work is internationally known, his works are auctioned at record prices and have been exhibited recently in the biggest museums in London, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. But few are aware of the fact that this decisive, experimental, innovative creator of the 20th century was Hungarian.
On the occasion of the anniversary, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) made an unusual audiovisual campaign, which was presented on 20 July, on László Moholy-Nagy's birthday by Hungarian media service providers, online platforms and foreign Hungarian institutes.

2020. július 28.

Architect György Radványi passed away

György Radványi, the Miklós Ybl Award winning architect and a corresponding member of HAA died on 26 June in the 71st year of his life. "His open, receptive personality was coupled with a solid set of values, and his human and creative credibility is unquestionable. His personality was also more decisive in architectural training than his creative work. As a teacher, he selflessly used his professional experience, community organizing ability and extensive system of international relations for the benefit of the community of young architects at all times" – his colleague, architect Balázs Mihály said in his farewell speech.

2020. július 7.

Funeral of György Fekete

Outstanding interior designer, applied artist, Artist of the Nation, former and honorary President of HAA, György Fekete died on 15 April aged 88 and his funeral took place at the Fiumei út cemetery in Budapest on 23 June at 11 a.m. according to the liturgy of the Reformated Church. Among others the funeral was attended by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary, János Áder, Minister for Human Recources János Kásler,Vice-President of the National Assembly, Sándor Lezsák, President of HAA, György Vashegyi, interior designer Gábor Mezei, Bishop of the Trans-Tisza Reformed Diocese, Károly Fekete. The ceremony was lead by Calvinist pastor and former Minister of Human Resources, Zoltán Balog.

2020. július 7.

Trianon exhibition of Marcell Jankovics

The exhibition is opened to the public and can be seen until 26 July.

The exhibition, which debuted in Székesfehérvár last year, is showing one of the most enduring and most mentioned historical tragedies in Hungarian history with a completely new approach of a caricatural and mocking manner. The graphic works take up the thread from the lost Battle of Mohács with the Turks in 1526 and depict all the major events that led to the Trianon Treaty.

2020. június 26.