Art historian Katalin Dávid celebrating her hundredth birthday

On 16 August Katalin Dávid, the Széchenyi Grand Prize winner, internationally renowned art historian, art writer and regular member of HAA became a centenarian. In her best-known works the epoch-making figure in the history of Christian culture in Hungary explored the world of Christian iconography and biblical symbols.
August 28, 2023

Barry Bergdoll: Marcel Breuer and the Invention of Heavy Lightness

What makes the life and work of the best-known Hungarian architect, Marcel Breuer, special? Why do Breuer's buildings enjoy a global reputation? Professor Barry Bergdoll will answer these questions in his open lecture. Organiser: Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument Protection Documentation Center, venue: BME, K-building, Műegyetem rakpart 3., II. floor. Room 75.

March 16, 2023

Pure Source

February 24. - April 02.
The past, present and future of pottery in Hungary's Őrség Region. The small village of Magyarszombatfa is located in Hungary's Vas County, more specifically on the southern edge of the historic small region of Őrség situated along the border between Hungary and Slovenia. The settlement has been home to the craft of pottery since the 14th century. 

February 21, 2023

Essentia Artis

March 02. - April 02.
Exhibition and event series by Artists' Scholarship winners of the Hungarian Academy of Arts in Pesti Vigadó. This event series comprises a one-month-long celebration of artists through a comprehensive exhibition and 70 artistic programmes. It is the first time that in March 2023 the Hungarian Academy of Arts is organising a total art exhibition and event series entitled Essentia Artis from artworks by Artists' Scholarship winners of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

February 20, 2023

Eternal Yorick - Life book Csaba Antal

February 3. - March 19.
Csaba Antal: Trust in Theatre - Kunsthalle, institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.
Theatre is divided and it has been facing this division, a hallmark of its condition, since the emergence of staging. Two camps are opposing each other, both defining themselves in terms of their radicality. They are the ones having shaped the destiny of the European stage, while the rest, the undecisive, the lukewarm, have been "vomited out", as declared in the Apocalypse. Jerzy Grotowski liked and used this biblical reference to conflicts opposing steadfast enemies to… conciliators rounding out the rough edges, soothing confrontations and making compromises without explicitly taking sides.

February 13, 2023
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