Nourishing root - exhibition of András Galánfi

András Galánfi is one of the most significant folk artists in Hungary. He is a regular member of MMA. His life-work exhibition entitled "Nourishing Root" in Vigadó Gallery can be seen from 14 March until 19 April.
The main aim of the display is to summarize the whole of Galánfi's life work, which has been lasting from 1970 until the present time.
In his speech at the opening ceremony Dr. Tamás Gergely Kucsera, secretary general of MMA emphasized that András Galánfi works with natural as well as ancient substances and in wood works he often presents the ancient and the present-day. At the same time, said the secretary general, his works are practical, handy and comfortable. "He creates for other people: tables, chairs, cradles in accordance to the folk heritage of the various regions and with the clarity of the ancient and the modern. This can be seen is the first playground made with wood and in cooperation with Kristóf Nagy, in the community spaces, benches, porches, the death bell in Fehérgyarmat, the belfry in Kálmánház, the wood carving with Turanian ornaments on the community house made in cooperation with Péter Matl in Hajdúsámson and this also can be observed in his former performer activity as well as his pedagogical profession carried on all through his life. In the world of science one of the criteria to become an academician is the capability of creating a school and in this respect András Galánfi is an academician too. It is enough to mention among other similar things the folk craftsman school and camps in Nádudvar. All through his life he has been a community man, for example, establisher of the Folk Art Studio of the Youth, a main participant of the Movement of Nomadic Generation, soul and spirit of a great number of camps and workshops" - explained Dr. Tamás Gergely Kucsera.
April 7, 2015