Never realised buildings in Budapest

On the occasion of Budapest's 150th birthday a large-scale exhibition at Vigadó, the centre of HAA with the title "Never Realised Buildings in Budapest" is offering an intriguing perspective of what the Hungarian capital might have looked like in the period of the past 150 years if history took another course with the help of over 170 thought-provoking plans, maquettes, photos and videos.
November 27, 2023


This year the Section of Architecture of the Hungarian Academy of Arts is once again announcing its open, architecture themed contest with prize money for architects and interior designers under the age of 40. With the title "LANTOS MUSEUM PÉCS 2022", the tender asks to prepare a proposal aimed at the design of a fictitious building that can show the strong connection between Ferenc Lantos (1929–2014), the outstanding painter, art pedagogue, late member of HAA and nature in a building with natural and environmental references and conditions, and it can be a worthy memory of the artist with ties to Pécs. The complete call for tenders with related documentation can be found here. The deadline for submitting the tender is 12 December 2022.

November 23, 2022

HAA's regional working groups are to be established

The autumn general meeting of the Hungarian Academy of Arts decided to establish regional working groups in order for the public body to further strengthen its active presence in the artistic and cultural life in Hungarian-inhabited areas in Hungary and beyond the border, and to help build relationships at the local level. Such working groups is to begin their operation in Debrecen, Győr, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Pécs, Szeged and Veszprém, for which academic and non-academic applicants are welcome - in the first round with a deadline of 15 November - at HAA's Secretariat.

November 23, 2022

Györkös 100

An exhibition entitled Györkös 100 featuring the works of Transylvanian painter Mányi Albert Györkös opened in the New Gallery of the Romanian National Peasant Museum in Bucharest on the occasion of Hungary's national holiday. The exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions and events organized by the Mányi Albert Györkös Memorial House of the Transylvanian Hungarian Public Culture Association in Cluj-Napoca and the Sepsiszentgyörgy center of the Liszt Institute for the 100th anniversary of the painter's birth. The main supporter of the exhibition is the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

November 23, 2022

Four new Artists of the Nation

In 2022 four artists won the Artist of the Nation Award, the most prestigious Hungarian art award, which the awardees received on 3 November from György Vashegyi, the President of HAA at the centre of HAArts, the Vigadó. The Artist of the Nation Award Committee bestowed the award to cinematographer and director Sándor Kardos, architect György Kévés, painter and graphic artist László Lakner, honorary member of HAA as well as dancer and choreographer Zoltán Zsuráfszky, regular member of HAA.

November 23, 2022
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