Never realised buildings in Budapest

On the occasion of Budapest's 150th birthday a large-scale exhibition at Vigadó, the centre of HAA with the title "Never Realised Buildings in Budapest" is offering an intriguing perspective of what the Hungarian capital might have looked like in the period of the past 150 years if history took another course with the help of over 170 thought-provoking plans, maquettes, photos and videos.
November 27, 2023

Book about the life of Gábor Csupó

The biographical volume entitled From the Pannónia Stúdió to the Hollywood Start is about the adventures and challenging life of Gábor Csupó, a world-famous animator, which was presented on 27 September on the occasion of Gábor Csupó's 70th birthday by the book's publishers, the HHA's Institute of Art Theory (MMA MMKI) and Methodology, FilmHungary and the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, which hosted the event. The publication was published as part of the FilmHungary's series entitled Hungarians in Hollywood.

November 23, 2022

Miklós Melocco's monument in honor of the medal winners of the Helsinki Olympics

"It was the only free cry of the Hungarian people", reads in gilded letters on the new work of sculptor Miklós Melocco, Artist of the Nation and regular member of HAA. The limestone monument in honor of the 42 medalists (16 gold, 10 silver, 16 bronze) of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics was unveiled in the park of the athletics center in Székesfehérvár on 11 October.

October 25, 2022

Animation of Toldi already in cinemas

Marcell Jankovics's last animated film, Toldi, based on the poem about the famed folk hero by 19th century great Hungarian poet János Arany, was released in Hungarian cinemas on 20 October. The film is the result of over three years of work by eighty artists who did their best to bring the original tale of Toldi to the silver screen in an authentic way, while depicting medieval Hungary with historical accuracy. The animation, directed by Marcell Jankovics and Lajos Csákovics, not only shows a young man in search of his own identity, but also the richness of the chivalric world and the Hungarian wilderness and moorland. 

October 25, 2022

Sándor Molnár: Painter's Yoga

2022. SEPTEMBER 30. - 2023. FEBRUARY 5.
Our exhibition in Kunsthalle, reveals the magic and aura of his works in the most complete form so far. According to Molnár's unique artistic and life programme, the painter's yoga, the series of works is divided into five units based on the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Crystal and Air, which also represent the chronology of their completion. The impressive array of paintings is complemented by Molnár's plastic art and material studies.

October 25, 2022
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