This year's PLEINAIR was a success

Three weeks, five countries, six nations, twenty artists and forty exhibited works

This year's PLEINAIR'23 - Csongrád International Creative Center was once again organized by the SZÖG - ART Art Association. The Csongrád Art Gallery and Art Colony hosted the town's outstanding art event between 9 and 30 July, and the masters and students meeting was organized for the 12th time as part of this event. The final exhibition, the organization of which was supported by the Szeged working group of HAA was opened on 28 July 2023 by art historian Anna Váraljai, HAA scholarship recipiemt in the Cultural Center and City Gallery.
The aim of the creative colony, which looks back on nearly 50 years of history, is that the inspiring natural and culturally diverse creative environment promotes the creation of special works of art both from a technical and genre point of view, and strengthens human and professional relationships between artists, students and masters. Although this has been done continuously since its establishment in 1975, Anna Váraljai's historical review revealed that the past 33 years had created many challenges for PleinAir. The art historian pointed out that the main organizer of the colony, painter Sándor Aranyi, had avoided obstacles, lack of money, and sometimes indifference to create the necessary conditions for the organization of the international camp for decades, therefore she also emphasized the importance of the support provided by HAA for this year's exhibitions of the colony, through its regional working group in Szeged. Evaluating this year's works, Anna Váraljai highlighted: the tendency to condense, the dedicated effort to see and show the essence is evident. In many cases the spirit of the place, the atmosphere of the city, the moments of the creative colony can be discovered in the objects. If nothing else, the natural landscape emerges abstractly in its material or organic forms. Everyone is a separate world, but at the same time the air of the surrounding atmosphere leaves its mark on every work – in this way the art historian described the main characteristic of the colony's professional work.
At the opening of the final exhibition held in the Csongrád City Gallery Tamás Bedő, the mayor of the city, gave a welcome address, academician Péter Vesmás, president of the HAA working group in Szeged was also present, Ágoston Lóránt and István Zakar contributed with musical performance. The exhibition could be viewed during the opening hours of the Cultural Center and City Gallery from 28 July to 1 September 2023.
August 26, 2023