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Shakespeare's Hamlet presented in Miskolc

Shakespeare's Hamlet was presented in the Miskolc National Theatre on 14 April under the direction of Csaba Kiss, a corresponding member of MMA.
Although for the director it was not the first time he directed Hamlet, he felt the need to reinterpret it again at the beginning of the third millennium. Nowadays the most important thing for him about the famous play is the question of sin and that of the possibilities of forgiving.
Csaba Kiss is a theatre director and playwright and currently is the manager of Miskolc National Theatre. He was born in l960 in Marosvásárhely, Romania. He graduated at the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest in 1992. As a director he worked in the National Theatre of Győr (1994-1998), at Új Színház (New Theatre), Budapest (1998 -2001) and from 1993 he has been teaching at the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest. His stage productions include: Shakespeare: Hamlet, Beckett: Waiting for Godot (played by actresses), Shakespeare: Macbeth, Tennessee Williams: Streetcar named Desire, Chekhov-Kiss: But what happened with the Woman?, Büchner: Woyzeck, Shakespeare: Othello, Goldoni: I rusteghi, Dezső Szomory: Hermelin, Csaba Kiss: Return to Denmark, Antonioni: Split, Csaba Kiss: Night Rehearsal, Tolstoy - Csaba Kiss: Anna Karenina, Csaba Kiss: Ladislav, the Cuman, Csaba Kiss-Laclos : Liaisons dangereuses, Tchekhov - Kiss: The Inloved Fish, Tchekhov: The Seagull, Ibsen: The Master Builder, Sigariev: Guppi.
His awards include Szép Ernő Prize for dramaturgy in 1998, Jászai Mari Prize for direction in 2000 and József Atilla Prize for literature (for his contemporary plays) in 2010.
April 12, 2013