PoszTerra - V4 Poster Traveling Exhibition

The international poster exhibition of HAA arranged for the 30th anniversary of the founding of the four Visegrád countries is a selection of the works of the most outstanding poster artists of the Visegrád countries. The exhibition is providing an insight into the history of cultural posters featuring national characteristics through the works of 3-3 Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Slovak artists.
Hungary is represented by posters made by István Horkay, Dóra Keresztes and István Orosz. The exhibition, which is featuring around 150 works, is also featuring the latest works by young students of the 12 renowned artists, as well as the work of three first prize winners of a poster competition announced by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Graphic Artists Association.
Exhibitors from Slovakia include László Rostoka, an Honorary Member of HAA.
Curator of the exhibition: Krzysztof Ducki, professor of the Metropolitan University, president of the Hungarian Poster Society.
The exhibition is on view from 11 February to 18 April 2021 -  but only in a virtual way for the time being - on the ground floor gallery of  Vigadó, the centre of HAA and then it is going to travel several locations in all four countries.

V4 posters
(Four paragraphs about the poster, or the secret of the bedding holders)
V4. Four countries, four languages, twelve graphic artists. There were times when they used dictionaries for each other's languages, times when they tried to communicate in Russian, or English, but soon they have recognized, that they have a mutual language. The poster. What can only be explained by a thousand words, can be told by a single picture. A stated dot, a starting line, an incomplete drawing on a napkin, a mask or on the back of a beer mat … sketches, drafts, "visual communications". We understood each other out of half words.
V4. Great powers of poster. The Brno Biennale, the Trnava Trienniale, the Budapest Posterfest, and of course the most patinated, the Warsaw Poster Biennale. There was a poster exhibition far far away, where Polish became the official language – besides the obligatory English – saying that is the mother tongue of poster. Coincidentally, a Polish man was also elected president of the Hungarian Poster Society - who is also a Hungarian artist (he says so), Krzysztof Ducki. (A more unanimous vote cannot be recalled by the author of the preface.)
V4. World trend: the poster is disappearing, at least at public places. They retreat into the walls of galleries, museums. However, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, they still appear on advertising columns. Although it is said that there are now fresher and much cheaper varieties of communication, they have somehow attahed to the urban street scene. Maybe to the hearts of people passing by, too?
V4. If a hundred poster designers could be chosen, a hundred would still be left out. Today's decisor – the curator – was Krzysztof Ducki. I write today because if he had chosen yesterday or tomorrow, he would surely have called others or knocked on others, as he has an entrance into the studio and even the bedroom of almost every creator of the V rectangle. Do not collide, there is no better place to store posters than bedding holders. The 70x100 prints can be laid out nicely, can be easily flipped through and can be stored for a long time. And of course, you can find them quickly when it comes to a new exhibition. For example, this here now, at the Vigadó in Budapest.

February 24, 2021