New book on director Ferenc Kósa

A monograph has been published on the outstanding Hungarian film director, Ferenc Kósa by HAA with the title Preserve the Man. The book consists of recollections, analyses, interviews, documents and special texts published for the first time as well as a DVD supplement. Ferenc Kósa, who started his career in the 1960's, played a major role in the renewal of Hungarian cinematography.
Ferenc Kósa (born 21 November 1937) directed thirteen films between 1961 and 1988. He won the award for Best Director at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival for the film Ten Thousand Days. He graduated from the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in 1963. He made his first short films at the Béla Balázs Studio, at which he was a founding member. Here he also made his first feature film in 1965, and his diploma film, Ten Thousand Suns, which was not publicly shown in Hungary until after it won the Directors' Prize in Cannes in 1967. He kept his interest in political life both in his feature and in his documentary films. He was the foreign affairs secretary of the Association of Hungarian Film and Television Artists (1975-1990) and deputy manager of the Objektív Film Studio (1989-1990). Between 1990 and 2006 he was an MP.
Awards: Béla Balázs Award (1968), Merited Artist (1989), National Trade Union Council's Award (1990).

1961: Etude about a Working Day/Etűd egy hétköznapról (s)
1962: Some Notes on the History of a Lake/Jegyzetek egy tó történetéhez (d)
1965: Ten Thousand Suns/Tízezer nap (public screening banned until 1967)
1968: Suicide/Öngyilkosság (s)
1970: Judgement/Ítélet
1972, I Am Fire (Hommage to Petôfi)/Tűz vagyok (Petôfi emlékfilm) (f/TV)
1972: Beyond Time/Nincs idő
1974: Snowfall/Hószakadás
1977: The Portrait of a Champion/Küldetés (d)
1981: The Match/A mérkőzés
1982: Guernica/Guernica
1986: The Last Plea/Az utolsó szó jogán (d)
1987: The Other Person/A másik ember
1989, Reform-Workshop, Kecskemét/Reform-Műhely, Kecskemét (d)
1989, Reform Circles Szeged Festival/Reformkörök szegedi találkozója (d)
1988-1989: Nameless/Névtelenek (d)
1991: Evening Song/Esti dal (d)
July 31, 2018