Museum of Ethnography at Biennale di Venezia

At the 18th International Exhibition of Architecture, Biennale of Venezia in the Hungarian pavilion the focal point is the new building of the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest between 20 May and 26 November 2023. The building, designed by István Ferencz and Marcel Ferencz (Napur Architect Ltd.), who are both members of HAA, was completed in 2022 after being selected in an international design competition as a part of the Liget Budapest Project, one of Europe's grandest urban development programmes abundant with cultural content. 
Through Reziduum, the sound, space, and light installation, the aim is to create a representation of a cultural memory where the different ethnological layers become visible from the historical artifacts, the new building, and its urban context to contemporary music.
The exhibition is presenting the new building, its ornamentation, the museum's collection and contemplates the culmination of these elements observing the overall artistic relationship that connects this piece of architecture with music and light. The two wings of the Museum of Ethnography's new building evoke an imaginary circle with a diameter of one kilometre, and the surface of the building expands into a rooftop garden of more than seven thousand square metres. What visitors can see is not merely a perfect slice of a circle but also a gateway between the natural landscape of the renewed City Park and the pulsating city life.
May 22, 2023