Lifework exhibition of Győző Szatyor

A lifework exhibition of 70-year-old graphic artist, painter, wood sculptor and regular member of MMA, Győző Szatyor can be seen in Vigadó Gallery from 2 December 2017 until 22 January 2018.
Győző Szatyor is a consistent creative individual of the "nomadic generation" started in the seventies of the 20th century. In his exhibition there are objects, furniture and musical instruments used in wood carving. In his graphic series there are drawings made for János Kodolány's novels, drawings evoking the atmosphere of the Finnish Kalevala and drawing commemorating the landscapes of the Great Plain, as well as the rundown parts of villages in Ormánság. His sculptural activities include works made for the Kalevala, structures made of wrought iron and different types of trees and reliefs. Large-scale public works, playgrounds, gates, belfries, and lookouts are featured on large photographs.
His motherland is Ormánság (in Baranya county in Hungary), which he has never left, not even in his art. Győző Szatyor wrote in his confession: "I grabbed a tool in my hand – just like my forefathers did – so that I could also carve the ages-old trees. In fact, I have enclosed my soul in the objects and statues I created. I taught what I have learnt so that future generations would also be able to learn from my students, thereby basing their hope in the future. I worked and worked to God's glory, as well as to my and my fellows' edification... Looking around I see that the trees I have planted already produce fruits. And my belief never stops growing in the temple of my own soul."
December 20, 2017