Katalin Dávid passed away aged 101

The Széchenyi Grand Award winner art historian, art writer and regular member of HAA, Katalin Dávid passed away in her one hundred and first year on 22 September 2023.
Katalin Dávid's integrative personality has always been able to mobilize people of the most diverse worldviews and beliefs for noble goals, and is recognized by generations of scientists and artists as their mentor and guide. She is regarded by HAA as losing one of its own.
In her best-known works the epoch-making figure in the history of Christian culture in Hungary explored the world of Christian iconography and biblical symbols. According to her "an explanation has to be found for the fact that everyone can experience, that Europe has refused, given up, and even wants to relegate to the periphery of life the heritage that shaped its existence, shaped its behaviour and moral foundations, determined its historical traditions, developed the specific European culture, and gave roots to all of this, the heritage of Christianity". 
September 27, 2023