István Madarassy's statues of Ignác Semmelweis

The Hungarian Government declared 2018 to be the Semmelweis Memorial Year to commemorate the "saviour of mothers" on the 200th anniversary of his birth. The patron of the memorial year was János Áder, President of Hungary. At one of the most important events of the Memorial Year at the Festive Scientific Symposium held in the Theoretical Block of Semmelweis University, Budapest several national and foreign speeches were given about the saviour of mothers and more than 600 participants were welcomed by Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Capacities as well as Ágoston Szél, outgoing rector of Semmelweis University.
After the conference the statue entitled "In blessed state – Visitation in memory of Semmelweis" made by the world-renowned Hungarian metal worker and sculptor, István Madarassy, a non-academic member of HAA was unveiled in the hall of the External Clinical Block at Korányi Healthcare Building. István Madarassy said that creating the statue inspired by M.S. Master's Visitation image was a heroic struggle not only with the two saints but also with the material. After the unveiling, the statue was blessed by Szabolcs Sajgó, a Jesuit Father who cited from Jesus's Sermon on the Mount. In addition to this sculpture statues of Semmelweis made by István Madarassy were unveiled in Tokio and Prague, just like in Teheran back in 2015, which was the anniversary of Semmelweis's death. In Tokio on 14 November 2018 the ceremony took place as a result of the co-ordination of the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo in co-operation with the Memorial Committee, the Semmelweis memorial year and the Japanese Memorial Committee, the latter founded because of the unveiling of the statue. The unveiling ceremony of the statue created by Istvan Madarassy was accompanied by Kobajasi Kenichiro conductor's composition formed for this special occasion.
January 17, 2019