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László Kunkovács’s exhibition entitled Primal Buildings

Hungarian pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture opened

At the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 the Hungarian pavilion was opened by Judit Hammerstein, Deputy Secretary of State for Culture on 6 June. The aim of the Hungarian pavilion is to draw attention to the uplifting power of communal building. Part of the display that goes along a demonstrative building process is a photo exhibition entitled "Ősépítmények" of László Kunkovács, ethno-photographer and member of MMA.
The display entitled Építés/Building organized by MANK (Hungarian non-profit foundation for fine arts) at the Hungarian Pavilion is showing the training method called the ‘Carpathian Basin Model'.
The exhibition, curated by Csaba Jakab and László Attila Márton, presents the history of the technique, its actual life, not only documenting it all, but making it really alive, by constructing together with the audience an object in the atrium-space of the pavilion.
The essence of this Hungarian architect training is that the students plan for a community, then together with this community, they make up a useful, common work. The number of these structures increase every decade, renewing the tradition of community building, with varied forms, not only in Hungary, but also in the surrounding countries, all around the Carpathian Basin.
Besides being based on the practice of community building of all known civilizations, this method can be considered unique because it integrates this practice in higher education, and because of the location: the specific multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment of the Carpathian Basin. In this region, the community building is an important element in the preservation of cultural identity, being at the same time specifically Hungarian and fits the colorful fabric of its environment.
The project also explores the roots of the method, the millenary practice of the organic and spontaneous community building through László Kunkovács's photo exhibition as well, showing the anonymous objects available even today in the Carpathian Basin.
László Kunkovács's exhibition entitled Primal Buildings
MMA member Laszló Kunkovács is an acclaimed photographer and ethnographer. The photos are black and white in cardboard frames, arranged in a grid on the exhibition surface. On the monitors built in the idols one can see László Kunkovács's portrait photos. The pictures change every 2-3 minutes.
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June 11, 2014