From Generation to Generation

The Section of Applied Arts and Design of HAA has organized an "introductory" exhibition of its members in order to offer the general public an insight into the changes in the institutional framework of applied and design arts over the last decade. 
The display at Vigadó is a follow-up to the showcasing entitled NAME-TAG staged in 2014 and hosted by the Esztergom based Szent Adalbert Centre.  The aim of this exhibition is to reflect on events as well as on changes in the composition of staff over the past period. The concept of the exhibition revolves around the idea that each academician of the Section of Applied Arts and Design in partnership with an artist of his or her choice forms an "intellectual and aesthetic" unit, where the academician is passing on his or her intellectual heritage to the representative of the next generation. In the scope of this works by 39 academicians and by over 40 non-academician fine and applied artists as well as design artists offer a kind of snapshot of the current state of the Section of Applied Arts and Design and its future aspirations. The display focalises objects produced by handcraft applied arts and by functional design arts. The curator of the exhibition is Ernő Sára, the Chair of the Section of Applied Arts and Design of HAA. Graphic design has been made by József Árendás, a regular member of HAA. Interior design and organisation of exhibition has been made by István Szenes, a regular member HAA.
September 27, 2023