Exhibition of HAA in Stuttgart

The unique and large-scale fine art exhibition of HAA, which was opened on 5 July with the title Verstrichene Zeit – Elapsing Time at the Museum of Modern Arts in Passau (Museum Moderner Kunst) travelled to Stuttgart and can be seen at the Hungarian Cultural Institute from 2 October.
The display is in connection with the Hungarian memorial year of the political and economic change 30 years ago, i.e. the end of the Communist era. The academicians of HAA are evoking this historical and decisive event in the language of art as an important station of the German-Hungarian relations. Marion Bornscheuer, the director of the museum had received with pleasure the idea of Gábor Tordai-Lejkó, the chief consul of Hungary who suggested the exhibition, since she regarded it of utmost importance both to commemorate this historical event and to cultivate international relations. The exhibition, whose concept was worked out by two curators, Péter Stefanovits and László Alapfy, comprises of the works of 23 internationally acclaimed Hungarian artists, such as painter György Szemadám, sculptor Ádám Farkas and graphic artist István Orosz. All the works have been inspired by the opening of the borders in 1989.
At the opening ceremony on 2 October Tamás Gergely Kucsera, Secretary-General of HAA gave a speech and the opening speech was delivered by Márton Barabárs, fine artist and corresponding member of HAA.
The exhibiting artists are the following: Aknay János, Árendás József, Bakos István, Barabás Márton, Baráth Ferenc, Csáji Attila, Elekes Károly, Farkas Ádám, Gaál József, Jovián György, Kovács Péter, Kulinyi István, Lajta Gábor, M. Novák András, Orosz István, Prutkay Péter, Stefanovits Péter, Szabó Menyhért, Szabó Tamás, Szemadám György, Szőcs Miklós TUI, Szurcsik József, Véssey Gábor.
The exhibition is going to be arranged in Berlin in December as well.
October 14, 2019