Exhibition of ceramic artist Mária Geszler

On 22 September 22 the exhibition entitled Drama in the Garden of ceramic artist Mária Garzuly Geszler, regular member of the MMA, opened in the Szombathely Gallery. The Kossuth Award winning ceramic artist, who has lived and worked in Szombathely since 1966, is to have a permanent exhibition in the Szombathely Gallery in 2024.
The artist donated nearly 50 ceramics to the city for the exhibition of her lifework, and the public can see a selection of them at the temporary exhibition that has just opened.
At the opening Gábor Richly, the Secretary-General HAA said that HAA considers it its duty to present the works of its academicians internationally, nationally and locally.

Alongside the Secretary-General museum director Andrea Csapláros and deputy mayor, Soma Horváth gave greetings. The exhibition was opened by art historian Krisztina Szipőcs, the professional deputy director of the Ludwig Museum. The curator was designer Márton Strohner, ceramicist, chair of the International and Regional Section of HAA.

With the exhibition that opened this fall and the permanent exhibition that is to open next fall in the Szombathely Art Gallery and with the support of the city and of HAA Mária Geszler's art is to occupy its rightful place in the city's cultural history once and for all.
October 4, 2023