Exhibition of award winners of HAA's Section of Fine Arts

An exhibition of works by award winners of HAA's Section of Fine Arts has opened at Vigadó and can be seen between 8 September and 10 November 2023. 
One of the tasks of HAA is to esteem, support and encourage Hungarian artists and for this reason each Section of HAA annually presents two awards to outstanding representatives of their respective Sections, and also bestows grants upon four exceptionally talented members of the middle generation and two lifework awards upon the most excellent creative artists of the senior generation. The chamber exhibition is presenting works by the following artists, who were granted scholarships in the years 2021/2022 by HAA's Section of Fine Arts: fine artists Mariann Imre, Zoltán Katona and Norbert Kotormán, as well as recipients of HAA's lifework award, fine artist Simon László Csorba and art historian Zoltán Vécsi Nagy. Also on display are works by the recipients of the 2021 Award of HAA's Section of Fine Arts, fine artists Alajos Eszik and Péter Rónai. The curator is art historian Réka Fazakas.
September 27, 2023