Exhibition by Éva Penkala and József Scherer

An exhibition of textile artist Éva Penkala and designer and  József Schererregular member of MMA was opened in Vigado Gallery on 5 December 2017 and can be seen until 22 January 2018.
Art historian Márton Keppel has written about the two artists: "Éva Penkala and József Scherer form an artist couple. Their life courses as well as their personalities are linked, just like yin and yang. In their art, the all-pervasive power of duality and its resolution develops all the way from the micro to the macro levels and, in this sense, subjective fields reinforce or exterminate each other as far as the unification of man's and woman's primary causes is concerned, whereas objective fields reinforce or exterminate each other in the scope of the synthesis of the worldviews held by the Eastern and Western Worlds. Éva Penkala's artworks have been created with the help of one of the most archaic techniques of mirroring life: weaving. The method and mechanism of weaving constitute the metaphysical realisation of the symbol of the cross. József Scherer, as for his profession, is a designer, more precisely an industrial designer. According to his ars poetica, "those people will become designers who are open to complex problems surfacing in the society, in culture and in the technical fields". Apart from the realisation of his ars poetica, József Scherer's graphic works reflect the artist's silent and deep immersion and entanglement, which become the most apparent in his unique calligraphies."
December 20, 2017