Discussion series about Italian-Hungarian cultural relations

In 2020 the Art Theory Section of HAA is going to continue its series of podium talks, the Tuesday Kaleidoscope, which has been going for the fifth year now. This time the discussions are to be about the Italian-Hungarian cultural relations. The evenings can also be viewed in retrospect on the website of HAA thanks to video recording. The common title of the podium talks: Weaving threads between nations - the present of Italian-Hungarian cultural relations. In the spring, three of these were cancelled due to the epidemic situation and the postponed discussions are to be held on 13 October 3 November and 1 December.
The broader goal of the series is to give the audience an insight into the creative and research work of the invited renowned artists and art theorists, to get to know their approach, aspirations and methods. Visitors to the series can witness in-depth yet relaxed conversations, complemented by a picture and film screening. At the end of the programs, members of the audience can also ask questions.
On 13 October 2020 art historian Miklós Sulyok, a corresponding member of HAA, is to talk to sculptor Pál Németh. Pál Németh, associate professor at the University of Pécs, president of the Fonderia Art Association of Pécs, is the "gray eminence" of Italian-Hungarian fine art relations, who has been modestly but successfully organizing the exhibitions of the Hungarian Academy in Rome for the tenth year. A public statue of his in memory of Amerigo Tot stands in Rome.
On 3 November television journalist Adrienne Farkas is to talk to historian László Csorba, former director of the Hungarian Academy in Rome, honorary director general of the Hungarian National Museum. Between 1998 and 2007 László Csorba led the Hungarian Academy in Rome, where, in parallel with the development of scientific relations, he presented the efforts of contemporary Hungarian art. In the fields of music, fine arts, literature and film he helped countless Hungarian artists to introduce themselves in Italy.
On 1 December art historian Zsuzsa Ordasi is talk to Gian Luca Borghese, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest. The historian director is leading the institution, founded more than eighty years ago, as one of the main players in the extremely rich Italian-Hungarian cultural relations.
The discussions are to start at 6 pm and are to take place at the office building of the HAA (1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 101). Admission is free, but registration is required. You can ask your questions at kaleidoszkop@mma.hu.
October 13, 2020