Csaba Bereczky's exhibition at Balaton Museum

The lifework exhibition of Csaba Bereczky, woodcarving folk craftsman, corresponding member of HAA, Master of Folk Art is open from 21 April 2023 at Balaton Museum in Keszthely. The exhibition, which can be visited until 10 June, is featuring outdoor works and toys in addition to everyday objects and jewelry.
The oeuvre is not only presented in an independent form, but also in its family and social fabric. In this way the audience can see, for example, objects and clothes made by Csaba Bereczky's parents and his wife.
The artist's father, Kálmán Bereczky, originally from Nagyvárad, and his mother, Mrs. Kálmán Bereczky, created Transylvanian folk costumes together from the 1970s. The tailoring of the Kalotaszeg bujka (jacket) was transformed into a form that can be worn comfortably - more than half a thousand of them were maed in total.
Mrs. Csaba Berecky, Teréz Péntek's laces are also included in the exhibition, which she initially started making in addition to her work. Since 2010 she has held the title of folk craftsman, and the following year she opened a lace studio in Keszthely for everyone interested in laces.
A comprehensive understanding of Csaba Bereczky's oeuvre also includes the group that has been part of his life for forty-five years. The Keszthely Woodcarving Circle is a continuation of the educational and knowledge-giving work that the woodcarving folk craftsman has been practicing since almost the beginning of his career. He claims that he wants to share his knowledge, that culture cannot be inherited, but it can be passed on. He founded the Woodcarving Circle in 1978 and has been its leader since then. Among their works were works reminiscent of traditional shepherd carvings made of wood, bone, and bark. In addition, they made ornaments, jewelry, household appliances, furniture, and works of applied art, and also helped to make spaces and creative workshops more beautiful.
May 22, 2023