Ferenc Horkay Hörcher

America's British Culture in Hungarian

The book of Russel Kirk, the famous American political theorist, moralist, historian, social  and literary critic, known for his influence on 20th-century American conservatism has been published for the first time in Hungarian by the Publishing House of HAA.
In this book of his Russell Kirk accomplished a superb summary and defense of the culture that the people of the United States have inherited from Great Britain. As it can be read on the cover of the original edition: „The United States, although a multiethnic nation, derives its language, mores, political purposes, and institutions from Great Britain. The two nations share a common history, religious heritage, pattern of law and politics, and a body of great literature. Still, America cannot be wholly confident that this heritage will endure forever. Declining standards in education and the strident claims of multiculturalists threaten to sever the vital Anglo-American link that ensures cultural order and continuity."
Historian of ideas and editor Ferenc Horkay Hörcher said in an interview made by HAA: "The publication of Russell Kirk's oeuvre is a great debt to Hungarian book publishing. Kirk can rightly be considered as the founding father of American conservatism after World War II, whose work is not only important to Anglo-Saxon culture."
June 2, 2020