80 Hussars in Tarnów

The monumental historic film entitled 80 Hussars (1978), written by late great Hungarian poet Sándor Csoóri and Artist of the Nation, Sándor Sára and directed by Sándor Sára, was screened in Kino Marzenie in Tarnów in digitally renewed form on 9 July 2018. After that an exhibition on the participation of Polish people in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848/49 was opened in the museum of the town, Muzeum Okręgowe w Tarnowie. 
The delegation of HAA was also present, including Zsuzsanna Répás, Head of the Department of International and Transborder Hungarian Relations of HAA as well as István Kovács, writer, historian, Polonist and member of HAA.
The film is based on the true story of the Lenkey regiment rushing from Poland to Hungary during the War of Independence of 1848. Only eighty of them made it back after enduring hardships, swimming across rivers, getting lost on mountain roads where both men and horses were injured on the rocky terrain with invisible pursuers chasing after them, only to end up being caught in a snare set up by the Habsburg Empire's military forces. Through their stories Csoóri and Sára have problematized the irrationality and obsession beneath the surface of homesickness, looking back on the age through the lens of 1956 and 1968. The film evokes the common aspects of the historical past of and the friendship between the Hungarian and the Polish people.
July 15, 2018