COVER /// AGE | 2nd National Salon of Architecture

From 26 April to 25 August, the annual National Salon is being held at the Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle)

For 2019, architecture is the focus, with special emphasis on communal force and collective activity, both of which play an increasing role in the creation of architectural space. A whole section will be devoted to the activity of the designers involved in the renowned Miskolc Architectural Workshop (1977-1990).
The exhibition in the apse of the Műcsarnok pays tribute to István Medgyaszay (1877-1959), one of the most important and innovative figures of 20th-century Hungarian architecture.
May 7, 2019

Éva Marton is very active in 2019 as well

The world-famous and retired Hungarian opera singer and regular member of HAA, Éva Marton has held and is holding in several master courses this year and she has been given a prestigious award, the Gold Medal in the Arts from The Kennedy Center International Commitee on the Arts (KCICA). The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the national cultural center of the United States and the living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. This June KCICA, which consists of some of the world's most passionate and influential arts philanthropists, is going to host its 16th annual International Committee Summit in Budapest and Vienna and on this occasion Éva Marton has been invited to receive the 2019 KCICA Gold Medal in the Arts at the American Ambassador's Residence in Budapest on 18 June, which date is coincidentally her birthday.

May 22, 2019

Exhibition of Tamás Kárpáti at Vigadó

The display of the 70-year-old painter, Tamás Kárpáti, a regular member of HAA, entitled Credo, can be seen from 3 May until 9 July 2019 at Vigadó, the centre of HAA. The exhibiton is comprising of nearly sixty wood panels made in the past three years, ten small plastics cast in bronze and a collection of documents accompanying the lifework of the artist. 

May 15, 2019

Hungarian animation in Stuttgart

The exhibition entitled Hungarian Animation 100 can be seen in Stuttgart at the Hungarian Institute in connection with the 26th International Trickfilm Festival, one of the most outstanding events for animated film worldwide. The exhibition was opened by Secretary-General of HAA, Tamás Gergely Kucsera and a welcome speech was given by József Fülöp, the rector of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) on 2 May 2019. The special display can be visited until 20 May 2019.

May 15, 2019

Bauhaus 100 with documents and relics of HAA

A grand-scale exhibition opened at Ludwig Museum on the 100-year-old Bauhaus with special documents (letters, books, photos) and relics preserved and retained by the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Documentation Centre of Monument Protection belonging to  HAA and can be seen from 10 April until 25 August 2019. 

May 15, 2019