Hungarian Academy of Arts (Magyar Művészeti Akadémia – MMA)

The Hungarian Academy of Arts is a public body committed to national tasks concerning the arts – especially literature, music, fine art, applied art, design art, architecture, photography, film, performing art, folk art – as well as the analysis, support, education, national and international presentation and spreading of the arts together with the representation of Hungarian artists.
MMA members are artists with outstanding creative or intellectual accomplishments in the Hungarian artistic field. MMA membership can be full, corresponding, honorary or supporting. Members of MMA are elected by direct or secret vote.
The main task of MMA is to facilitate the prevalence and protection of the values of Hungarian and universal culture, the respect of the traditions of Hungarian arts and the birth of new and significant artistic works.
Furthermore MMA
- represents the arts in public life as well as in bodies to which law obliges it or in which its participation is requested by a governmental or other state body with national power.
- facilitates art education and the training of artists as well as scientific activities related to the arts.
- undertakes a supportive role with scholarships, awards and other methods in the Hungarian artistic sphere, putting great emphasis on the popularization of young artists and art itself.
- enables the acclaimed representatives - at home and abroad - of Hungarian artistic life to take part in the discussions of artistic questions as opinion shapers as well as in the preparation and making of the related decisions.
- keeps track of the defining processes of Hungarian cultural and artistic life and with the organization of professional meetings and conferences gives suitable forums for the analyses of such processes.
- safeguards the freedom of Hungarian artistic life and the cleanness of the Hungarian artistic sphere.
- cooperates with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and with the national artistic organizations and institutions, giving support to the unions and organizations of the various artistic branches.
- cooperates with the Hungarian cultural and artistic organizations over the border and with such institutions abroad.
- researches, documents and popularizes the Hungarian artistic life, for the sake of which carries out and supports the publication of journals, books and digital releases.
- parzicipates in registering the Hungarian cultural heritage.
- makes documentations of its members, collects, researches and protects the original and/or digital versions of their artistic works.
- in accordance with its financial possibilities assists and supports the most significant organizations of the various artistic branches together with the publications of their central registrating periodicals.
- contributes to the appreciation of Hungarian artists and with grants, awards and scholarships assists the publication of new artistic works as well as providing carreer opportunities for young artists.