Award-giving ceremony of MMA at Duna Palace

On the basis of the resolution at its general assembly in May 2013 MMA bestows a life-achievement award and a grand award on two outstanding personalities in Hungarian cultural life every year. At the award-giving ceremony at Duna Palace in Budapest on 5 November - the day marks the second anniversary of MMA becoming a public body - the two awards of MMA were given to Katalin Dávid art historian and Sándor Csoóri poet and writer respectively, who couldn't come to the event because of his illness.
"The first award-winners also give rank to the awards. Katalin Dávid and Sándor Csoóri provide a standard for the prospective award-winners", pointed out the Minister of Human Recources Zoltán Balog at the event. He emphasized that the two personalities contributed to the rise and endurance of the nation with their oeuvres.
"We are very much in need of grand examples", said MMA president György Fekete and added that "the decision is not judgement, but a sane choice and the worthy appreciation of contemporaries".


Katalin Dávid is an internationally renowned art historian and theologian. According to the official exposition she was given the award "for her outstanding and internationally acclaimed achievments in research in the border area between art history and theology and in the world of Christian iconography and biblical symbols".
Sándor Csoóri is one of the greatest living Hungarian poets and has a diverse oeuvre with having played a significant role in the opposition in the old Socialist system and in the preparation for the political and economic change in 1989. According to the official exposition he was given the grand award "for his bravely undertaken service for the rise of the nation and for his literary and public-life activity for spiritual cohesion and strengthening of national consciousness".