General assemblies of MMA

First general assembly of MMA in 2016

At the first general assembly of MMA in 2016 the public body awards were handed over and Dr Tamás Gergely Kucsera was voted for another five years for the position of Secretary-General of MMA.
The Lifework Award of MMA was given to Gábor Pap art historian "for his rich writerly and school-making television work, for his research into the roots of Hungarian folk art and ancient Hungarian erudition". The Grand Award was given to Sándor Balassa composer, Artist of the Nation, member of MMA "for his rich lifework as a composer resting on Hungarian musical traditions and for his work entitled Landslide premiered in 2015". The Golden Medal went to István Jelenits Piarist monk, theologian, writer, teacher "for his outstanding literary and pedagogical activity". The Artistic Writer's Award was bestowed to László Eősze music historian, member of MMA "for his work as a music historian for seven decades and especially for research on the lifework of Franz Liszt and Zoltán Kodály, for his publishing work in the field of music for more than three decades and for his outstanding books and essays in the field of music science". The Flórián Kováts Memorial Medal of MMA went to Marianne Vigh, the secretary of Music Section of MMA "for her diligent work for forty years in the field of organizational work in the field of music.
The public assembly accepted the reports of the President, the Secretary-General and of the public body concerning the year 2015, then there was briefing on the work of the President and of the public body as well as on the work of the supervisory committee.
Besides the budgetary report and the budgetary proposition for the current year the public body discussed questions concerning possible awards in the field of pedagogy, training and science as well as the naming of MMA's section awards. There was briefing on the preparation of the artistic and field program of MMA in 2017. In the end Dr Tamás Gergely Kucsera was voted for another five years as Secretary-General with a mandate lasting until 5 November 2021. 

October 2014

General assembly of MMA for reelection of officials

MMA held its general assembly in order to reelect its officials in its centre, the Vigadó on 15 October. For its president the current president, György Fekete interior designer was elected again for three years. Architect Sándor Dévényi and film director Marcell Jankovics became vice-presidents. The new members of the board: composer László Dubrovay, opera singer Éva Marton, painter György Szemadám, writer Menyhért Tamás.
The general assembly was greeted by Péter Hoppál, secretary of state for culture. He stressed that it turned out to be a good decision that MMA as an autonomous public body took over several state functions and tasks. He said that on the basis of the Fundamental Law it's the obligation of the Hungarian government to assist the work of MMA with every possible means and accordingly the Ministry for Human Resources gives every possible support to MMA.
The general assembly was introduced by a lecture given by Péter Huszti, actor and winner of Kossuth State Award, who evoked the memory of the famous actress and posthumous honorary member of MMA Klári Tolnay, who was born one hundred years ago. Klári Tolnay joinded the institution lead by Imre Makovecz in 1994. Then the several awards of the sections of MMA were handed over and György Fekete informed the general assembly about the period lasting from the previous general assembly until the present and after that the order of procedure was accepted by the supervising committee. The general assembly discussed the report of MMA submitted to the Parliament, a document that – according to the law of MMA – MMA is obliged to lay before MPs every two years. The report informs the Parliament on the work of MMA in the past period and on the general situation of Hungarian artistic life. The program plan for 2015 and the modification of the rules of MMA scholarships were approved, then the general assembly elected the members of the Ethical Committee and established the Committee of Professorial Nominations.
Members of Ethical Committee
Section Member / Substitute Member

Architecture:   János Dobó (president); (Zoltán Tima)
Film and Photography:   Györgyi Szalai; (Ferenc Olasz)
Literature:   István Kovács; (Zsuzsa Vathy)
Applied Arts:   Beáta Hauser (vice-president); (Géza Laczák)
Fine Arts:   János Nagy; (Péter Kovács)
Folk Arts:   András Galánfi; (László Kékedi)
Theatre Arts:   Ildikó Bánsági; (Gábor Reviczky)
Music:   István Kassai
Art Theory:   László Ablonczy; (Emőke Solymosi-Tari)
Non-academic member of the general assembly:   Tamás Solymosi; (Bence Vadász)

Committee of Professorial Nominations

György Fekete president (by virtue of office)
János Devich
Ádám Farkas
István Ferencz
Péter Huszti

Awards of sections
In 2014 the following persons received awards of the sections:
Architecture Ferenc Callmayer, architect
Film and Photography ♦ Szőts István Award Károly Kincses, photo museologist
Literature ♦ Illyés Gyula Award Attila Szepesi, poet
Applied Arts Lajos Muharos, goldsmith
Fine Arts Tamár Olescher, gallery manager
Folk Arts Vilmos Tánczos, ethnographer
Theatre Arts Tibor Bitskey, actor
Music Boldoczki Gábor, trumpeter
Art Theory György András Juhász, literary historian

May 2014

The Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) holds at least two general assemblies a year, which are summoned by the president of MMA. On 30 May MMA held its first general assembly in 2014.
János Halász, Secretary of State for Culture of the Ministry of Human Resources said in his opening speech that MMA and its role in Hungarian cultural life are characterized by open-mindedness and widening of scope. He added that the culture-strategic role of MMA has to be further reinforced.
After the lecture entitled Hungarian Excavations on the Shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan by antiquity researcher Dr. Győző Vörös, the president, general secretary and other leaders of MMA gave accounts of the year 2013 and of the period following the previous general assembly. After that the general assembly discussed the reports concerning the budget for 2013 and approved the budget for 2014. Then the modification of the Statutes took place, which was necessitated by the modification of the law for MMA. The modification has covered the involvement of important figures in artistic life as non-academicians into the work of MMA, the election of art specialists as members of MMA, the possibility of establishing new sections in MMA and the unification of the legal status of regular and corresponding members.
After the modification of the rules for awards and the approval of the ethical code of MMA the awards of MMA were handed over.

MMA Grand Award was given to ethnographer Dr Zsuzsanna Erdélyi, member of MMA and former chair of section of ethnography for his outstanding work in the past two years.
MMA Life Achievement Award was given to Dr István Nemeskürty writer, literary and film historian, university professor and honorary member of MMA for his service carried out for the elevation of the Hungarian nation and for his literary, cinematic and public work that reinforced spiritual unity and national awareness.
MMA Artistic Writer Award was given to Lajos Szakolczay literary historian, art critic for his outstanding work of four decades in the field of art theory and art criticism and for his participating in the process of Hungarian art becoming public property.
MMA Golden Medal was given to Gábor Széles electrical engineer, honorary president of the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ) for his outstanding work in the field of company leadership and of economic strategy-making, for his support of the national media and for his public and communal activity.
MMA Flórián Kováts Memorial Medal was given to Dr Tamás Gergely Kucsera, philosopher, university professor and secretary general of MMA for his outstanding work of one and a half decades in the field of culture-organizing and of cultural, educational and art managing theory and practice.
MMA Life Achievement Award in 2013 was given to art historian Katalin Dávid and MMA Grand Award in 2013 was given to Sándor Csoóri poet and writer. The other three awards were handed over for the first time.

The general assembly voted for the admission of new regular and corresponding members as well.
The number of members of MMA before admission of new ones: 246 regular and 39 corresponding members.
The following artists were elected as regular members from corresponding status:
János Golda (section of architeture), Vince Fekete (section of literature), Gergely Bogányi Gergely (section of music).
The following artists were elected as corresponding members on the basis of the proposals of the various sections: Miklós Sulyok (section of architecture), Klára Tóth (section of film and photography), Zoltán Bertha (section of literature), Hedvig Dvorszky (section of applied art and design), János Sturcz (section of fine art), János Sipos (section of ethnography), László Ablonczy (section of theatre art), Emőke Solymosi Tari (section of music).
Number of members after admission of new members: 254 regular and 42 corresponding members.
The title of honorary membership were given to Richárd Korzenszky Benedictine monk and prior of the Tihany Abbey and to Dr Győző Vörös antiquity researcher.


MMA held its yearly general assembly in Dürer Event House on 31 May 2013. After MMA president György Fekete's opening speech and the welcoming words by minister of state for culture, János Halász, MMA member Miklós Béla Szentkirályi gave his lecture The Secrets of Restoration Art, then György Fekete informed the members of the period following the last general assembly and gave his presidental account of the academy's 2012 activities.
After the detailed accounts by secretary general Dr Tamás Gergely Kucsera, the board as well as of the different sections - all of which the assembly approved unanimously - the general assembly agreed to approve firstly the account of the execution of the budget for 2012 and secondly the budget for 2013. 
The general assembly discussed the proposal for the socialization of MMA, that is, the unification of the legal status of the academic membership and the lawful enabling of the academic election of art scholars and professionals. According to the proposal, the difference between the legal status of regular and corresponding members would vanish by expandig the rights of the corresponding membership. The expansion of membership would enable the academic election of persons who have mid-level artistic awards. This would necessitate the modification of the MMA law. MMA members approved the proposal for the modification.

The general assembly decided on new MMA awards and a scholarship system. Awards founded by MMA can only be given to persons with outstanding or lastingly high standard performance in one of the artistic fields. According to the proposal, the permanent awards that can be given by the general assembly are the following: MMA Life Achievement Award, MMA Grand Prize, MMA Golden Medal, MMA Art Critic Award and the Flórián Kováts Medal. The regulation would also set the sectional awards that can be given by each MMA section.

The general assembly also decided on the establishment of artistic scholarships and the scholarships of young artists. For the former, artists and professionals above 40 years of age may apply. For the latter, artists and researchers between 20 and 40 years of age may apply. The aim of MMA scholarships are the following: the effective assistance of outstanding creative and professional work in all fields of art, talent care and the support of young artists.

The general assembly elected new members for MMA.
New regular members:

Section of Architecture: Gábor Zoboki, Mihály Rudolf, Marceé Ferencz, Zoltán Tima 
Section of Film and Photography: György Tóth, István Jelenczki, Normantas Paulius
Section of Applied Arts and Design: Beáta Hauser, Éva Ambrus, Krisztina Kókay, János Németh, András Szunyoghy 
Section of Literature: Gyula Kodolányi, Erzsébet Tóth, János Oláh, Simon Serfőző, Laura Iancu 
Section of Fine Arts: Péter Prutkay, Gábor Véssey, Károly Elekes, György Benedek, Mihály Vargha, Miklós Tui Szőcs
Section of Folk Art and Ethnography: Mária Petrás, Béla Halmos, László Kékedi, Antal Stoller 
Section of Thetre Art: Ilona Béres, Angéla Császár, Attila Csikós, Levente Király, Csaba Kiss, Attila Kiss B., Viktor Nagy, Pál Oberfrank, Anna Ráckevei, Erzsébet Rátkai, Sylvia Sass, Hajnal Tordai
Section of Music: János Devich, Mihány Ittzés, István Kassai, Balázs Kocsár, Éva Kollár, Zoltán Kovács
New corresponding members:
Section of Architecture: György Skardelli, Gábor Turányi, Ernő Bogos, János Golda, Ferenc Salamin, Endre Szűcs
Section of Film and Photography: Vilmos Zsigmond, Ferenc Olasz, Györgyi Szalai, László Török, Ferenc András 
Section of Applied Arts and Design: Kálmán Forintos, László Lukácsi, Ernő Sára, Mihály Hefkó, Imre Molnár, Péter Varga 
Section of Literature: Dr Gábor Nagy, György Ferdinandy, János Szentmártoni, Imre Oravecz 
Section of Fine Arts: Árpád Szabados, József Szurcsik, Róbert Csíkszentmihályi, Márton Barabás 
Section of Folk Art and Ethnography: Gábor Eredics, László Vajda, Győző Szatyor, Gábor Mihályi, Mihály Sipos, Zoltán Juhász
Section of Theatre Art: József Szarvas, Zoltán Zsuráfszky, Károly Mécs, Csaba Bede Fazekas, Tamás Juronics, Márta Jánoskúti, Fruzsina Pregitzer, Lajos Miller, Ildikó Bánsági
Section of Music: István Párkai, György Vashegyi, László Tardy, Gergely Bogányi

As from 1 June 2013 MMA has 236 regular and 48 corresponding members.