György Vashegyi is the new President of MMA

Conductor and regular member of MMA, György Vashegyi was elected as the new President of MMA at the 10 October general assembly for renewal in Vigado, the centre of MMA. He is taking over the office of the President from 5 November 2017. György Fekete, who led MMA for two periods for six years, was given the title of honorary president.
György Vashegyi with his 47 years of age was the youngest nominee for presidency. He said in his program speech that the intellectual and artistic significance of MMA is growing bigger and bigger and is on a proper way for fulfilling its mission.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated György Vashegyi in a letter, in which he wrote: "Culture is an expression of the strength of a nation, the embodiment of its intellectual radiation, and a pledge of its survival. I therefore believe that there are few callings in life that are as beautiful and responsible as that of uniting the representatives of Hungarian art life who render an outstanding performance", and wished "a great deal of wisdom and good health" with "the noble responsibilities" that the new President is facing.
Biography of György Vashegyi – source: website of Liszt Academy

Selected concert recordings of Purcell Choir & Orfeo

Orchestra, György Vashegyi at MUPA Budapest
(November 2017)
Purcell Choir
Orfeo Orchestra
György Vashegyi
Conductor György Vashegyi is the President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

György Vashegyi, Franz Liszt Prize-winning conductor, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (HAA) was appointed new President of the HAA at the leadership election General Assembly of the public body held on 10 October in Pesti Vigadó. The motto of the new President is: value and quality, both of which have been upheld by the HAA since the beginning to high standards.
At the General Assembly, Prof. em. György Fekete, Kossuth Prize-winning interior designer – who served as the President of the HAA for the past two cycles, since 2011 – received the title of Honorary President. Vashegyi takes over the office of the President from 5 November 2017.  
"The intellectual and artistic weight of the Hungarian Academy of Arts is growing by the day, it is on the right path to fulfilling its mission: its primary task being the consistent, value-based and quality-focused support and representation of the past, present and future of the Hungarian creative and performing arts. As a strategic partner our role is to cooperate closely with the relevant government; we are the most important intellectual workshops of the Hungarian arts and cultural life, the intellectual capital of academicians is invaluable" – emphasised Vashegyi, who believes in the power of cooperation and professionalism. "I am interested in quality and artistic standards. As the founder of the Purcell Choir and the Orfeo Orchestra – both are early music formations – I believe that we could also support the Hungarian cultural institutes abroad, for example, by providing content. The greatest professional successes I have achieved through international cooperation, such as the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles (CMBV, The Versailles Centre of Baroque Music) which operates very effectively with a relatively small budget and is pronouncedly proud of the Hungarian-French cooperation. I have many ideas and plans, I believe in international collaboration, as we can only make beneficial use of our culture and art, if we make it available to the whole world."
The new President pointed out that his main strand is to transmit values and quality in culture, as the community of people enriched by artistic values can be happier, stronger and more successful. Among the tasks Vashegyi also emphasised the importance of further strengthening the cross-border unity of Hungarian cultural and artistic life – in the spirit of Imre Makovecz's public heritage.

Chef d'orchestre György Vashegyi – le nouveau président de l'Académie hongroise des Arts (AHA)
Dirigent György Vashegyi wird Vorsitzender der Ungarischen Akademie der Künste (MMA)
2017. október 13.