Hungarian Poets and Writers on the Revolution of 1956

MMA has published a large English language anthology of the 1956-related poetic and prose works of a great number of Hungarian contemporary authors about half of them living today with the title, Down Fell the Statue of Goliath. The publication of the book has been made possible by the support of the Memorial Committee established for the 60th anniversary of the Revolution of 1956.

…to connect Heaven and Earth…

Exhibition catalogue of Imre Makovecz exhibition in Moscow and in Košice is in four languages, published by MMA. Volumes illustrate a lifework exhibition of internationally acclaimed Hungarian architect, Imre Makovecz, founder and eternal honorary president of MMA. The material is based on the exhibition held between March and September 2014 in Vigadó, centre of MMA.

Szilvia Andrea Holló: The Vigadó — A fairy-tale palace on the Danube

MMA paid homage to the grand building of Vigadó with a new book on the building on the occassion of its opening in March 2014. This work was written by Szilvia Andrea Holló with the title A Pesti Vigadó — Tündérpalota a Duna partján. The book has been published in English (The Vigadó — A fairy-tale palace on the Danube) and German (Die Pester Vigadó — Feenpalast am Donau-Ufer) as well.

Portoghesi's book on Makovecz

A monograph of Paolo Portoghesi on Imre Makovecz has been published by MMA.
The book on the internationally acclaimed architect, Imre Makovecz, founder and eternal honorary president of MMA is in four languages, Hungarian, English, German and Italian.

Our book on 1956 is now available

A commemorating book on the 1956 Hungarian revolution, published by MMA is now available.