One-Time - joint exhibitions in Kunsthalle

Joint exhibitions can be seen in Kunsthalle, the institution of MMA commemorating the oeuvres of János Blaskó, Jenő Gadányi, Miklós Jakobovits, Gábor Karátson as well as Gyula Bocz, Iván Cerovszki, Sándor Csutoros, Győző Dombay, Elek Lisziák, Károly Ócsai and Béla Szeift. The exhibitions which bear the title One-Time - Separate Ways and Withdrawal at a Time of Consolidation can be seen from 6 December 2017 until 28 January 2018.
December 20, 2017

Inauguration of the Hild villa

On 20 December 2016 the inaugural ceremony of the Hild villa after complete reconstruction took place. The Hild villa is going to function as the building of MMA's Research Institute for Art Theory and Methodology (MMKI). At the inauguration ceremony György Fekete, president of MMA handed over the symbolic key of the Hild villa to Miklós Kocsis, director of MMKI.

January 18, 2017

Gardens and Ateliers - Three painters in Műcsarnok

As part of the exhibition series entitled Gardens and Ateliers, the works of 70-year-old György Szemadám (a member of MMA), the 80-year-old Albert Kováts and Mária Flóra Zoltán can be seen at Műcsarnok, the institution of MMA.

December 13, 2016

The Bible of Lajos Szalay

In the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts (MODEM) in Debrecen an exhibition of Lajos Szalay, one of the greatest graphic artists of the 20th century and posthumous honorary member of MMA has opened displaying his biblical works entitled Reformation 500 - The Bible of Lajos Szalay. Open to 19 February 2017.

December 13, 2016

Strasbourg – Commemoration of 1956 and Film Days

Between 22 and 25 November a commemorating exhibition of the artists of MMA took place in the building of the Council of Europe and organized by the Hungarian Permanent Representation. In addition to that there were film screenings co-organized by the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH).

December 13, 2016
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