National Salon 2017 opened

Having opened on 22 April 2017, the new exhibition of the National Salon series organized by MMA and its institution, Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle) and entitled All Around Us is offering an overview of design and applied art of the past decade in eight significant fields.
The exhibition can be seen until 13 August.
Following architecture, classical visual art genres, photography and media art, the National Salon has arrived at is fourth station focusing on design and applied art - said György Fekete, the President of MMA at the opening ceremony on 21 April. He also said that the exhibition was brilliant and the works presented showed that neither originality, nor mass-like quality were predetermined.
György Szegő, the artistic director of Műcsarnok emphasized that the unparalleled richness in genres, technologies and ingenuity proved that creativity resting upon handcraft techniques had a key role in the age of electronics and robotics.
Miklós Bendzsel, the honorary president of the Hungarian Design Council pointed out that the curators invited almost 400 artist to participate and their creativity could well be seen at the exhibition.
While the National Salon this year is presenting the outstanding artists of recent times, the curators, Ernő Sára and József Scherer - regular members of MMA - wanted the display to concentrate on the possibilities and greatest achievements of contemporary artists who work in a changing context of training, design, production and trade. Actual functions and professional challenges provide the organizing principles of the exhibition, which presents objects and designs to trace not only the classical genres of contemporary applied art and design, but works as well that has emerged on the borderline between the two fields. They reminded the journalist that for 16 years Hungarian applied art and design hadn't had the chance to show themselves at such a grand and comprehensive scale. They also emphasized that the exhibition also focuses on the young artists besides the genre-making masters.
The National Salon - which was started in 2014, the same year, when Kunsthalle became the institution of MMA - presents major achievements in the different fields of the visual arts each year. The exhibition can be seen until 13 August.
May 3, 2017