Lifework exhibition of Pál Gerzson at Vigadó

Pál Gerzson (1931–2008) was an outstanding and original figure of Hungarian painting in the second half of the 20th century and he was a posthumous honorary member of MMA as well as one of the founding members of it as a social organization. His lifework exhibition can be seen between 15 June and 31 July at Vigadó, centre of MMA, on the 6th floor.
Pál Gerzson (1931-2008) was born in Hird, Hungary. He received his degree in 1953 from the Budapest University of Fine Arts as a pupil of Gyula Hincz, János Kmetty, and Endre Domanovszky. He won an art scholarship in 1961 to Moscow, in 1964 to Vienna, and in 1968 to Paris. Since 1959 he regularly participated in national and international exhibitions. He had been on study tours in almost every European country as well as in Russia and India.
He was department head and professor of painting at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest and for seven years the President of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists.
He refreshed contemporary ways of expression in painting. Leaving behind the confines of figural painting and reconsidering his vital contributions to European and Hungarian painting, he established his nearly abstract painterly language characterized by extensive poetic ways of expression in the 1970s. His perspectives were deeply influenced by his experiences in the upper region of Lake Balaton and the village of Szigliget as well as by his literary and musical experiences. He can be regarded as a painter of Balaton. Gerzson's abstract landscapes connect two worlds: the realistic world and the geometric abstract one. He has aimed at a sort of wholeness that stems from the meeting of two extremes, between which there is no conflict, but a dialogue, while his landscapes are very much characterized by the play of light.

The curator of the large-scale display is Balázs Feledy. MMA has published a 112-page catalogue of the exhibition with three languages (Hungarian, English, French) and with the cooperation of the Pál Gerzson Art Foundation.

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June 20, 2017