13th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival

KAFF took place between 21 and 25 June 2017 for the 13th time. MMA was one of sponsors of the event and the several works of MMA's members was screened, such as those of Marcell Jankovics, István Orosz and Líviusz Gyulai. In addition to KAFF the 10th European Animated Feature Films and TV-films hosted a venue for the European feature animations, tv-specials and tv-series in separate categories.
This year's guest of honor was Australia with its 38 films for the audience. The full programme of the festival featured 400 films from 27 countries. From the Hungarian contestants, 36 shorts, 25 TV-series, 22 student films and 33 applied animations made into the competition programme, according to the decision of the pre-selection jury.
The European competition programme had 36 films: 7 feature films, 7 tv-specials, and 22 episodes of series. The phenakistoscope, the award of the festival, was designed by Mária Horváth as the layout of the festival.

Best feature film: The Red Turtle – Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Best TV-serial: The Long Long Holiday – Director: Paul Leluc
The best tv-special: Revolting Rhymes 1 – Director: Jakob Schuh, Jaw Lachauer
The jury gave a honorable mention to two TV-specials: We're Going on a Bear Hunt (D.: Joanna Harrison), and The Wind in the Reeds (D.: Arnaud Demuynck, Nicolas Liguori).
The National Student Jury shared the award between the following two films: Revolting Rhymes 1 (D.: Jakob Schuh, Jaw Lachauer) and The Girl without Hands (D.: Sebastien Laudenbach).
Grand Prix: Bond – Director: Judit WUNDER
Best Short Film: LOVE – Director: Réka BUCSI
Best TV-Series: Hunor – Director: Árpád KOÓS, Béla KLINGL
Best Applied Animation: Kills on Wheels – Director: Donát Áron ERTSEY
Best Student Film: The Thirteenth Princess – Director: Tina OROSZ
Special Prize of the Metropolitan University: All my Days – Director: Kristóf Zénó MIRA
Best first film: Fiasco – Director: Szabolcs NAGY
Best visual language: Little Mouse – Director: Ervin B. NAGY
Best script: Coyote and the Wasichu – Director: Áron GAUDER
Best animated work: Mimik – Director: Petra VARGA
Best 3D Film: Gipsy Tales – The Fiery Red Snake – Directory: László BALAJTHY
The jury gave a honorable mention to The Kingdom of Cornel for the harmony of text and image (D.: Attila Bertóti), and Awakening (D.: Fruzsina Zángó) for the personalities of the characters.
Award of the Hungarian Film Critics: Balcony – Director: Dávid Dell'Edera
Award of the Children's Jury: The Hangnail Picker – Director: Krisztián Király
The National Student Jury shared the award between the following two films:
LOVE (D.: Réka Bucsi), and Theater only (d.: Benjamin Kalászi, Tímea Horváth, Gábor Filkor).
Audience Award: My Life as a Courgette – Director: Claude Barras
The Audience award of the Kecskemét Média Centre: The Round Four-Cornered Forest – Somersaulting is Strictly Forbidden – Director: Mária Horváth
Special award of Hungarian Television Foundation (MTVA): Hoppi Tales – The Holiday of Commemoration – Director: Ferenc Rófusz
The history of the festival (according to the web page of KAFF)
"The decision to organise a festival to celebrate both Hungarian animation and the city of Kecskemét itself was made over forty years ago with the foundation of the Pannonia Film Studio in Kecskemét. The era is customarily defined as the golden age of Hungarian animation film production. However, it was not until the mid 1980s, more precisely 1985, that the first Hungarian animated film review was organised, jointly by the studio founded in 1971 and the dynamically growing county seat.
In 1993 the review became a festival no longer limited to the introduction of the freshest Hungarian animation productions, but also including programmes showcasing an increasing number of foreign films. In 1996 a separate competition programme was established for European animated feature films as well. In 2005 KAFF became a biennial, although previously it had only been held every three years. In 2011 KAFF had its tenth edition and the animated celebrations in Kecskemét were themed around this jubilee. In addition to the Hungarian filmmakers, prestigious representatives of international animation also take part in the celebration in Kecskemét in the jury or as guest-presenters. The previous festivals boast such acclaimed guests as John Halas (a director and producer of Hungarian origin) from London, the Italian animation film historian Giannalberto Bendazzi, the "Grand Madame" of the Annecy Animation Festival Nicole Salomon, the great sage of Russian animation Yuri Norstein, the representative of the Zagreb School Borivoj Dovniković Bordo, the father of Estonian animation Priit Pärn, the daredevil of English animation Phil Mulloy, the Canadian Oscar-winning director Co Hoedeman, the filmmaker of super-sensitive fairy tales, Michel Ocelot, and the list could go on and on."
July 20, 2017