Exhibitions of Imre Makovecz in Ulaanbaatar and Izhevsk

A comprehensive exhibition of the works of Imre Makovecz entitled Connecting Earth and Sky can be seen in Ulaanbaatar at the Mongolian Fine Arts Gallery from 15 October until 13 December. Not long before a similar display of his life-work opened in Izhevsk in Russia as the sixth and last stage of a travelling exhibition in Russia (beginning in Moscow a couple of years ago), the material of which is based on the exhibition held between March and September 2014 in Vigadó, centre of MMA.
October 15, 2018

Exhibition of Gábor Véssey

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Gábor Véssey has been organized by the Fine Arts Section of HAA, is open from 2 October 2018 and can be seen until 18 November at Vigadó on the 6th floor. Gábor Véssey is a regular member of HAA and the display is intended to celebrate the 70th birthday of the artist, who was born on 9 September 1948 in Budapest. The exhibition is a selection of the painter's works from the past thirty years.

October 8, 2018

Three interrelated exhibitions at Műcsarnok

An exhibition of József Gaál (1960), a fine artist, arts writer and a professor at the University of Fine Arts can be seen at Műcsarnok, the institution of HAA until 11 November. 
In connection with the display of József Gaál there is another exhibition (also open until 11 November) of the group called MORPH with three members: János Kalmár, Attila Mata and Tamás Szabó.
With these two displays a third one is also interrelated and can be seen until 20 January 2019. Its title is Hidden stories - the life reform movements and the arts. 

October 8, 2018

Screenings from the history of Hungarian animation

Hungarian animation goes back to a hundred years with outstanding works. HHA's screening series beginning on 8 October, continuing on every Monday and ending on 10 December at Premier Kultcafé, Budapest gives special opportunities to watch the best and determining Hungarian animation films made during the past decades. As film historian Zsolt Pápai pointed out in the periodical, Filmvilág in 2007, "several of the most glorious chapters of Hungarian cinematography have been written by animators".

October 9, 2018

Opera album of the President of HAA awarded by German critics

HHA's President, György Vashegyi continued his "love affair" with French Baroque music with the recording of the performance of Jean-Philippe Rameau's 1749 opera entitled Naïs with the Orfeo Orchestra and the Purcell Choir in March 2017 at Müpa, Budapest. The album has gained the award of German music critics recently. Subtitled "Opéra pour la paix" (its prologue, at least, commemorates the 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle), Naïs features demanding and extended leading roles for soprano Chantal Santon-Jeffery (Naïs) and high tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen (Neptune), assisted by Florian Sempey and Thomas Dolié, in an everyday eighteenth-century tale of a lovesick god in disguise, a misinterpreted prophecy and an alternative version of the Olympic Games.

September 19, 2018